Top Nerf Guns for Children Ages 6 and 7

As promised. Here is the list of what I feel are the top Nerf guns for children between the ages of 6 and 7. I would consider all of these wonderful gift ideas for this age range. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the best Hasbro has to offer. They’re just ideal for the age group we’re discussing using the parameters set in the first article.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read through the first part of this series I would recommend scanning over it. It will give you a better idea of what these features are and why they’re important. It will also give you some ideas on what you should avoid.

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If you’re not much of a reader? No problem! Continue down the page to view my favorites list. Keep in mind that these blasters are in no particular order.

Zombie Strike Hammershot

First on our list of many is the Hammershot. I have mentioned before about my love for the Zombie Strike series that Hasbro put out. They did such a great job of putting together this lineup and you can tell some serious thought was put into the creative design of these toys.

But that is not the only reason I chose this blaster. How this gun operates is a lot of fun and fits right into this age group. Think of it as a step up from the Doublestrike. The gun is a little larger in size but works very similar.

This gun also functions just like a revolver. Using your thumb (or thumbs) pull down on the hammer located on the back of the gun. Once it clicks down you’re ready to shoot. Point and fire.

The darts are loaded and reloaded right into the revolving barrels on the front of the gun. Simple, yet so much fun.

N-Strike Strongarm

The Strongarm has been around for a long time now. The beauty behind this gun is that it can be very stimulating for kids at this age because of the firing options. It has a single shot option or you can cycle it through a rapid fire.

To cycle this gun. Pull back on the grey priming handle located on the back of the gun. Keep in mind that this gun requires both hands to operate. So if you had a quick draw revolver type operation in mind. This isn’t the gun for you. To use the slam fire (rapid) option. Continuously cycle the priming handle while holding down the trigger.

I used this gun a number of times over the years and had a lot of fun with my kids. I’ve used it. My son has used it and my daughter as well. Even my wife on a few occasions used it if memory serves, so I don’t see any issues with this gun for this age group. I did find that the older my children the easier it was for them to use the rapid fire option.

Accustrike Falconfire

The Falconfire is easily one of the simplest Nerf guns to use for this age group. This gun is super light and easy to handle. Most children should have no issues carrying this toy around while having a free hand a majority of the time.

The loading and priming of this gun happens simultaneously. Once you’ve pulled the grey priming handle all the way back, the dart is loaded directly into the top of the gun. After the dart is loaded, push the priming handle forward to close the chamber and the gun is ready to fire. This is a single shot blaster so you will need to reload after each shot.

So why this blaster? Easy. Because it doesn’t work like most of the other Nerf guns that have the pull primer on the back of the gun. In my opinion that is what makes this gun so unique. Once you get used to how this gun cycles. It can be loaded and fired just as fast as the others.

Rebelle Epic Bow

I realize that the window of time in which most girls actually play with Nerf guns is pretty small. However, I rate the Rebelle series up there with my love for the Zombie Strike series. It is such a cool looking lineup of guns, bows and crossbows. Unfortunately they were not around when my daughter was of age or I would of purchased some.

The size of this bow makes it perfect for the 6 to 7 year range. It does take both hands to operate, but can easily be held in one had while the child is running round. The really cool thing about this bow is that it operates just like a bow should.

Load the darts directly into the front of the bow. Pull back on the bow string and release to fire.

Nerf Mega Cycloneshock

I’ve always felt like the Mega line from never gets the credit it deserves. The major difference for those who don’t already know is that they use the larger darts, and these darts are not interchangeable with non-Mega blasters. They’re also a bit bulkier then normal Nerf guns, and is something to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

This gun is very similar to the Strongarm in how it operates. Just in Mega form. The darts are loaded directly into the front of the gun. To fire, pull back on the priming handle on the back of the gun until it clicks. Point and shoot. Unfortunately, this gun doesn’t have the slam fire option so you’ll need to prime the gun for each shot.

This is definitely a two handed gun to operate, and chances are, even while your child is running around playing they will need both hands to keep it under control.

Mega Magnus

Another great from the Mega series. There is a couple of really cool features that make this gun worth purchasing. One of which is it’s size. They’re not called Mega for nothing.

I know it’s been mentioned before about the size of the darts used and how they’re not interchangeable with non-Mega Nerf guns. This is very true, however, there are other positives to take into account. The size of the darts and the fact that they’re bright orange make it easier for kids to locate them, especially if they’re outside.

This gun operates similar to the Falconfire, but with an added perk. It has a built in clip that will hold up to 3 darts. To load the gun, pull back on the top rail until it clicks open. Darts load right into the top of the gun, one at a time. After you have all 3 darts loaded, push the rail forward to close it. This will prime the gun to be fired and will need to be done after each shot.

Rebelle Pink Crush

I could never understand why Hasbro didn’t work “Crossbow” into the name of this blaster since technically it is a crossbow. Regardless of the name. The Pink Crush is such a cool little gun. It’s the perfect size and weight for this age range and to top it off. It’s really easy to use.

Operation is simple. To ready the crossbow, pull back on the priming handle located on the back of the gun until it clicks.

Point…Shoot…Rinse and repeat!

It’s a single shot blaster, so you’ll need to reload after each shot, but don’t let this feature change your mind. My children always seemed to go back to the single shot guns while they played.

Rebelle Victory Blaster

The Rebelle revolver is another great option for the girls. It’s a lightweight pistol that your daughter should have no issues handling while running around. I know I consider this a revolver style Nerf gun, however, it’s important to add that the barrels don’t actually rotate.

Not only do you get the gun, but it also comes with a holster so your child can quick draw it just like a 6 shooter. A really cool idea from Hasbro if I’m being honest. It’s unfortunate that Hasbro hasn’t done something similar for some of the other pistols they make.

The darts are loaded right into the barrels of the gun. To ready the gun to be fired, pull down on the hammer with your thumb/thumbs. Aim and fire. Rinse and repeat. Your child should be able to operate this gun with one hand, so long as your child is able to pull the hammer down.

Hopefully this list has given you some insight and will help you with your gift purchases.

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